Over 30 years ago, we established an exporting company called ChaiSura Co.,Ltd. which sells agricultural products such as corn, sesame seeds, coix, bean seeds, etc to Asian countries. According to our companys objective to provide only the best quality, our products were soon well recognized and renowned in markets such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Due to the popularity of our bean seeds, and our experience in selecting the best product, we decided to diversify our operation, and open up a factory to grow bean sprouts. Our very first objective was to develop and improve the expertise in selecting bean seeds. Because sprouting beans is a very sensitive process in which the quality of the sprouted beans resides mostly on the seeds quality, the bean sprouts that are beautiful, durable, and strong can be the good indicator of the seeds quality. The grade of seeds that we use to sprout beans is of Grade A quality, which is the best grade available in the market. Grade A seeds are seeds with good weight, low moisture, and appropriate sprouting age. Other lower grades are used in food industries such as vermicelli industry and flour industry instead.

With our long experience in selecting bean seeds and an understanding of the principles of growing bean sprouts, our Sura Beansprouts were soon accepted in the markets. Hence, Sura Hydroponic Beansprout factory was fully established with the objective of providing only the healthiest and the most nutritious Sura Beansprouts to consumers. Up until now, the factory has been operating for over 25 years, keeping on with the product development while maintaining the same objective.

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